Barton Reading & Spelling System

for Dyslexia

The Barton Reading & Spelling System is a teaching method created for students with dyslexia, and is particularly good for students with ongoing spelling difficulties. 

Barton is “multisensory.” It uses all the senses to help children make connections between sounds and words. The system encourages one-on-one teaching for best results, which is why the maximum number of students working with one instructor is three.

Most of the time is spent on spelling, but it also goes beyond reading basics. Barton aims to take the guesswork out of reading and spelling. It does this by having students memorize rules and practice using them with real and nonsense words.

What can you expect?

The program will require your child to have at least two 50-minute sessions a week, for three to four years. 

Results shown in different studies 

See Barton Reading & Spelling System website for more detailed information